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historic brief points
but not as a value in if same, if not as an search inside of who they compose the band, trying to be recognized among so many music with the ones that grew: rock, tango, murga, funk, chacarera, heavy metal, rumba, milonga, rap, samba, candombe. .., with that they grew, thatNot always be noted, disorderly and not always so well executed, that sprouts to the hour of composing.
Aña Membi´s living debut in October 12, 1997 in the Congress square, during the against feast of the day of the race. Then they were presented in distinct pubs and theaters of the under porteño, always self-management (so much the shows as the records). Aña Membi seeks to be renewed in each show, and to times obtains it through their music or through the guests, whether an actor that rises themselves and unforeseen, a guitarist friend that adds, or a group of murgueros that they beat their patches.

Aña Membi went taking form of band to half-filled of the '97 and went suffering diverse musical mutation to being converted in which is today, although not in which will be tomorrow. Aña Membi (son of the devil in guaraní) search to open their head and to break prejudices every day, in each trial. Seeks also the constant fusion,