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Musical style & Formation
lacking ethics are impelled in doing money with the groups of rock. Aņa Membi thanks to who they are submitted voluntarily their influence, and to who they collaborate so much up as below the setting (musicians, guests, girlfriends, friends and family) but we notify them that they run risk of being defendants of accomplices.

Jose María Bindi in Voice-Shekere & Chico of candombe.

Hugo Fernandez in Electrics and Acustics Guitars - Choruses
Damian Chiaparo in Piano - Keyboards and Choruses
Gonzalo Pelligro in Bass
Alfredo Cesio in Percussion (congas-timbaletas-surdo-bongo-pandereta)
Virginia Barquiza in Boehm and German Flute.
Diego Cueto in Battery-Drawer Peruvian-Repique of candombe.


Aņa Membi is a band that has like musical axis to the rock, but that seeks to satisfy the distinct musical inclinations of who compose it, having a receptive attitude toward any musical style. Aņa Membi is handled of independent form and inside their possibilities fights against who


Aņa Membi's formed by :